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Guardian Demon + Fallen Angel by Milknoodles Guardian Demon + Fallen Angel by Milknoodles
This is a project I had to do for my AP art. I did the drawing using Ink with feathers and caligraphy pens. I enoyed doing this a little. What I like most about it is the emotion I put behind it. I had not been feeling well when I drew this picture, [and I still don't] so I tryed to show the pain and confusion that I felt in my art. I often try to make my art say what I feel and what I can not say. This art was based off of a writing I had done about my feelings at the time. Here is my writing:

I declared to someone, be it God, or Lucifer, too take away my happiness! I can't enjoy it anymore, and I am arfaid to love. I sacrifice myself in hope everyone else can find love! I really don't care anymore. So being lost where and who do I turn to? I mean, It seems that I have noone to turn to, that God and his guardian angel for me, have turned their heads away from me and I am left alone in the dark. I cry out for help and they don't answer. they never answer. Or perhaps they speak, but I can't hear what they say. I'm out of reach. I sit there. So I think,"who cares, noone could care about that" ect. So who does come to heal my wounds? Who comes to take away the pain? When I was alone, where was my guardian angel, was he there? All I knew was darkness. And when I thought I was all alone, I felt the caress of a demon, fallen angel. He would stroke my head as if I were his pet and say "It's all right. See? Who is allways there for you really? In reality, it was only you.You poor thing...must have been so lonely, hurt and lost. Ssshhh. don't speak. I have found you, and you have found me. mmm, I have seem to fallen for a human. let me be with you, part of you. Let your body accept me. you will never be lonely with me. I am your gauardian demon now." From behind, pulling me closer to him. "I will not be alone?". "yes" he grins. "Then, then I accept you." as I stutter in fear, and confusion. And that is when I became full and empty. sad and happy. Whole and in pecies. Have I made a mistake to be swallowed up by my self? Now, where will I go...
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Abel-Rose Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2010  Student Writer
The drawing is truly beautiful, and so are the words, but sometimes being alone in the dark is the only thing that saves us.
Enishu Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2008
I love the Angel i like the style you drawed it ine with the shaterd feathers. And The writing of yours is pretty deep stuff i can bit understand what you mean, cause i feel that its a bit related to me in a way:) But nice work on youre art. By the way would u maby like to design a thing for me?
silver-rey Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2005
Really amazing picture. I just love the wings, the feathers are all desheveled, the lines are bold, detailed, yet quickly sketched kinda adds to the over all mood of the piece. The clenched hand and shaded face, pretty awesome. I thought the paper was crumpled but now it looks like it was sponged, either way it adds to the chaos of thoughts. I dunno. *I* really love it. excellent work. ^_^
tiTom Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2005
NICE details, very good job!
PunchenAngel666 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2005
wow soo sweet, the details on the wings are awsome and the blood is beuatiful.
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